Plum soaps on wooden stand

Flagship Store for Natural Soaps in Lebanon, Ohio

Plum Natural Soap flagship store is located in historic Lebanon, Ohio, and a second store is based in the pioneer town of Nashville, IN. We started with the simple philosophy of making natural products that were both high in quality and affordable in price. The most significant factor about Plum Natural Products is that we strive to provide you with the best products at reasonable prices.

Meet the Founder

The name of the company originated from when Mary and her husband, Del, were sitting at the computer kicking possible names around. Finally, Del said, “It’s a natural soap, just plum natural,” and it was then that the name was formed.

Over the years, Plum Natural Soap Company has grown into a premier manufacturer of handmade soaps and body care products. We use all-natural and nearly natural ingredients when making our products. All of our products are made by hand and in small batches which allows us to ensure that we produce a quality product every time. We do not take shortcuts when making our products.

Certified Soap Makers

As members of the Handcrafted Soap and Cosmetic Guild, an international organization based solely on soap making, both Mary and her husband Del are certified soap makers who own a natural soap store and also attend the HSCG’s annual conference to keep up to date on the latest trends and legal issues that arise from soap making.

We are so proud to be part of the wonderful world of handcrafted soaps and body products. We are regularly researching and adding new items. We thank you for visiting our website and hope to hear back from you very soon.